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Sumeet graduated from the Physiotherapy program at the prestigious Brunel University in England in 2020. His passion for Physiotherapy started early on while working in the fitness industry as a trainer. But then his desire to help people get back to their regular active lifestyle and reach their fitness goals led him to pursue a lifelong career as a health professional.

Sumeet grew up in Kelowna, BC before moving to Vancouver to get his Kinesiology training at the University of British Columbia. From there, he went on to London, England to attain his Physiotherapy training, but feels that he will undoubtedly continue to pursue more training and certifications in the field of rehabilitation and exercise.

Sumeet’s treatments focus on helping the patient understand their body and fixing any biomechanical issues. He uses both a manual therapy and a functional exercise-based approach in his therapies and encourages his patients to take charge of their own health and wellness.

Sumeet loves the outdoors, going on hikes, playing basketball and is a passionate hockey fan.  He is fluent in both English and Punjabi. 

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